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Time to shine: how to build your brand online

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Struggling with "fitting in" or finding the right people ? 😮‍💨

For so long, I grappled with being accepted- whether by family, certain groups of "cool people", a religious order, or a particular individual. 😓

The "pretty privilege", "smarty pants", and semblance of wealth were identities that only seemingly worked when it gave status affiliation to the person wanting to connect with me because of what I was attached to . . . 🫤 Sounds familiar to you, too? 🤔 I know, boo! It's a common reality. 🤧

But maintaining a bond beyond that was futile because they were just around to take advantage of what I offered then leave with the goodies that brought them but so far 😬

Those hidden agendas are now “no brainers” that I could peep game of today 🥱, but before it was challenging to recognize the leeches who were solely around for their benefit. Sometimes we're caught up in delusion because we so desperately want meaningful relationships at our expense. 🤷🏾‍♀️

There were times where I thought those identities were a disadvantage that I tried to "dumb down" or dim my shine to fit in for acceptance sake. . . 🥴

But now, more than ever, my self-awareness, right community, and commitment to development have brought about a growth mindset that I get to teach about today! Placing tools in your kit that’ll equip you for your forthcoming stages of opportunity! Check our page for growth opportunities. 🥂

All of that to say, God is faithful. You are more than sufficient. Focus on being around community that align with your values and embrace the fullness of who you are. & if you’re seeking for that community, join @theluminouslab today 🤍

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