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The Brand Deals Workbook is a guide that attendees received during our Q1 Workshop that focuses on how to secure brand deals. Our workshop was inclusive of information on topics such as:

  • Identifying potential brand partners and building relationships with them.
  • Developing a strong brand and creating a compelling pitch.
  • Understanding the brand's needs and goals, and aligning them with your own.
  • Negotiating and closing deals effectively.
  • Building and maintaining long-term partnerships.
  • Case studies and examples of successful brand deals.
  • Templates and worksheets for creating a brand deck and pitch deck.
  • Information on legal and financial considerations when securing brand deals.
  • Tips and best practices for working with brands.


At the end, you will notice interactive exercises and activities designed to help attendees practice the skills and strategies discussed during the workshop. The workbook is a valuable resource for attendees to refer to after the workshop as they work to secure brand deals in the future.

Q1: Brand Deals Workshop Workbook

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